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Why Buy Certified?

Tiny Homes have quickly gained center stage in the recreational vehicle and alternative housing arenas. The uniqueness and creative potential is one of its most alluring characteristics. It is also, however, the most challenging to overcome. While Tiny Homes offer an array of options and possibilities, they also present a problem as a newly developing market. Most governing bodies simply don't know how to classify a Tiny Home or how to determine that proper quality control standards were met during construction. For Tiny Homes to maintain their integrity, it is crucial to ensure they are constructed according to proper safety and legal code.


Quick & Easy

Sojourner has taken the most difficult phases of Tiny Home Construction and simplified it. We have engineered one of the most elite trailers on the market and combined it with the bones that will support the finished product. Our Shells consist of Framing & Siding (finished to varying degrees according to order specifications) and Certified by an unaffiliated third-party. This process ensures every Trailer & Shell leaving our facility is built to the highest standards of quality and will provide the groundwork for our client to finish the job. With the first steps of certification already met, there will be only a few steps left for the customer to obtain full Certification for their finished Tiny Home.


Peace of Mind

Whether you consider the safety of your family and yourself or that of other travelers around you, it's an obvious responsibility as the owner and/or operator of a Tiny Home to ensure all precautions are taken and liability exposure is minimized. Purchasing a Certified Tiny House Shell gives you complete confidence in the canvas for which you will be building on. Not interested in finishing it yourself? We partner with builders around the country who can tailor our Shells to meet your custom dreams. All of our builders are rated and adhere to minimum safety and quality control standards ensuring your finished product will outlast the road ahead.



Because of the difficulty in defining which category a Tiny House should fall into, many organizations and bodies will not accept a Tiny Home for temporary or permanent use. While Sojourner is developing a system with the aim of eliminating this particular obstacle, we strive to ensure our current clients and their customers are granted as full access as possible in the meantime. Our Trailers are produced according to ANSI A119.5 or NFPA 1192 standards and thus meet the requirements to be accepted by RV Parks around the country. The final Certificate will be delivered to the customer upon completion and inspection and should be kept in the unit at all times.



Tiny Homes are the new craze and everyone seems to be building them. As Builder and Developer for over 20 years, we entered the market with the goal of finding the very best trailer and building our own personal Tiny Home for our family to travel in together. The lack of quality became apparent very quickly as we began our first build. The unfortunate part was the inferior quality didn't end there. While we saw many beautiful Tiny Homes, or product knowledge also allowed us to see what those units would look like after a little wear and tear.

Purchasing a Certified Shell from Sojourner or having one finished by one of our approved builders provides measurable quality that will allow your Tiny Home to retain its value as well as its structural integrity.


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