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About Us

Sojourner Tiny Homes is the dream child of a second generation General Contractor and a visionary with a passion for creating and embracing life at every turn. Their passion for designing, building, and traveling opened the door to a company focused on providing others with a product that was both liberating and pragmatic.

It is a well known fact that when a person pursues their passions and is involved in the things they love, they will find themselves surrounded by like-minded people. The story of Sojourner is no different. This journey has been one of friendships and partnerships. The Team at Sojourner is made up of several individuals and couples committed to the core mission and producing quality products that are simply unmatched in the Industry.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to work together to create a business that honors God, each other, our clients, and our communities by producing the highest quality Tiny Homes from which we can all travel and explore this earth in comfort and style while maintaining a humble spirit that is focused on leaving this world better than we left it.

Curvy Tree Road
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