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Engineered Trailers

A Trailer For Every Traveler

The trailer is arguable the most important element in the structure of a Tiny Home. While the perfect trailer is only as good as its complimentary parts, a substandard trailer is the equivalent of a poor foundation.


We've evaluated every other major trailer around and have developed a design that will raise the bar for what is acceptable for quality Tiny Homes. While the Industry continues to strive for excellence and acceptance of Tiny Homes in the residential market, it is the responsibility of professional builders and DIYers alike to commit to presenting quality products into the marketplace. What determines quality? Here's our opinion-

  • Products that meet and/or exceed existing code

  • Products that will stand the test of time and travel

  • Products that are certified by third party organizations

  • Products that are functional as well as aesthetic

We believe that, by committing to utilize the materials and products that meet these qualifications, Tiny Homes will outgrow the "fad" stage and slip out of the category of mobile homes. Thus, becoming more easily accepted by residential developments, cities, quality control organizations, etc.

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