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Certified Shells

Your Canvas

At Sojourner, we have streamlined what are arguably the most strenuous phases of Tiny House Construction. Our assembly-line-style production eliminates waste and the need for specialized equipment. 


Builders love our Shells because it cuts down on cost and time; allowing them to increase production and focus on the finer details of the finished product.
It also eliminates significant liability issues and lends additional peace of mind with the pre-approved, third-party certification.

DIYers love this option because not everyone is in the market for a completed Tiny Home. At the same time, however, the task of framing and laying out a Tiny House can be both daunting and time consuming. That is why we are bridging the gap. Now, whether you are limited on space, tools, time or resources, you can purchase a Tiny House "Shell" at varying degrees of completeness. This will jump start your journey into a Tiny House that you are able to dream, design, and finish yourself.

All of our Shells come with-

  • Fully wired lights compatible with DOT standards

  • Metal stud framing (Traditional wood available upon request)

  • Water proof "Zip" walls

  • Hurricane straps and tie-downs

Additional Options Include-

  • Siding

  • Blown Insulation (Spray Foam not suggested but available upon request)

  • Windows

  • Roofing

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