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For those looking to be connected with a local builder, please email us directly and we will refer you to the best builder in your area.

One of the most common questions we get is, "Where can I park my Tiny House?" Unfortunately, there are several reasons why Tiny Homes are not yet able to be integrated into the traditional real estate setting. While we are working on ways to combat this, we must work with what is currently available to us for options.

The most common solution is to park a Tiny House in the back of a property with an already existing main structure. This is not without its challenges, however, it is the main solution for those in an area not yet set up for Tiny Homes.

The emergence of Tiny House Communities is also spreading throughout the country and we couldn't be more excited! If you have land or are looking to acquire land for Tiny Home application, we'd love to partner with you. Our 20+ years of Contracting & Developing has allowed us the perfect combination of knowledge and experience to properly layout and execute your dream.

We approach every job with a holistic view and go to great lengths to ensure that we give back more than we take and leave a lesser burden on the local native environment.

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