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Tiny Home Manufacturing & Developing

Sojourner's vision is to unify the Tiny Home Marketplace through quality products and superior standards of integrity. We have manufactured one of the most structurally sound and sophisticated Trailer Systems on the market and combined it with a third-party certification process to ensure we present our clients with the  most consistent and efficient canvas from which to shape their dream home.


(N.) "One who temporarily stays, visits"
(N.) "One who stays or dwells for a time"

The term “Sojourner” can be traced back to the beginning of human history. It carries several connotations and the meaning can vary depending on the user, region, and context. What does not change, however, is the soul of the word and the “journey” it implies. Regardless of where one has come from or is going, we are all Sojourners of this earth and a Tiny Home provides the freedom and elegance to do so in style.

As a second generation Contractor, our experience and knowledge base in the Construction & Development Industry has given us the perfect platform to build in to the 21st Century. Our passion for creativity and love of design has lead to an incredible journey into the Tiny Home arena. As we embark on this journey together, there is no limit to what we can dream up next!

Products & Services

 Engineered Trailers

22 Ft to 34 Ft

Our Trailers are designed and engineered to become the perfect foundation for your finished Tiny Home. From strength and durability to easy of use and functionality, we left no stone unturned. We offer both Bumperpull and Gooseneck Options.

Certified Shells

Your Canvas

Sojourner specializes in "Shells." These Tiny Homes are framed and sheated - ready to be finished by the customer. We also offer options to finish the exterior Siding, Windows, and Roof. These units are the perfect canvas for the Builder and DIYer alike.

Consulting & Developing

Bringing it Home

Whether your looking to develop property for personal or commercial use, we have the right solutions for you. Our 20+ years in the Construction and Developing arena has given us the proper combination of knowledge and experience to ensure you end up with the best environment for living Tiny.

Why Buy Certified?

The Value in Buying Certified Shells for the Builder and DIYer alike.

Contact Us

605 SW US Hwy 40 #117
Blue Springs, MO 64014


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